H I S T O R Y - As a pre-teen I had already been preparing for a career in art by getting involved in painting, drawing, fashion, hairstyling and other creative hobbies. I began experimenting in other fields of art — namely makeup and skin care. I became increasingly involved in the knowledge of plants and minerals and their uses in makeup and skin care products. In my studies, I discovered skin care uses with herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants. Our family kitchen became my laboratory and my brothers and sisters became my test subjects. It didn't take long before my school mates and other acquaintances of mine began asking me to give them makeovers and facials.

After high school I began working as a representative for some of the finest cosmetics companies in the world. From there, I moved into the fashion industry as a makeup artist for still photographers and shortly thereafter landed my first feature film. I also worked for CNN as their key makeup artist for a period of seven years while continuing my studies concerning the use of natural ingredients for makeup and skin care.

After developing some products of my own I began to use them on my clients.

Pleasingly, they began to inquire as to where they could purchase these products. Once I explained that they were my own, my clients encouraged me to find a way to market these products. It took several years, but I was finally able to compile what I feel to be the best makeup and skin care products available today. All of our products are botanically based, natural, and low in preservatives.

Although I have worked with some of the most famous people in the world, we get a lot of enjoyment out of coming back to our private studio to work with everyday people. That is truly where our hearts are! Our goal is to provide everyone with quality products as well as quality personal service.

Rhonda Barrymore

P.S. — Our company's growth relies primarily on referrals. For this reason it is extremely important for us to satisfy you, and to keep you satisfied, so that you will continue to be our customer and have the desire to spread our good name. This is where you could help us. If you like our products and services and respect the integrity of our company, then please refer us to anyone that you feel could benefit from our business. We will offer them the same courtesy and quality that we offer to all our customers. We will also give you a 20% discount towards your next purchase for each purchasing client that you refer to us. Thank you!